World premiere of the Flute Concerto in Győr

Conductor Alastair Willis, composer Levente Gyöngyösi and Gergely Ittzés, flute soloist

We began at least 4 years ago to talk with my friend Gergely Ittzés, world-renowned Hungarian flute player about the idea to compose a new Flute Concerto for him. 

Now the idea came finally true: however was born a new work with a classical three-movement-structure (quick-slow-quick), but it shows many interesting characteristics. 

Gergely Ittzés is one of the pioneers of the modern flute playing, who enriched the literature of the flute with many new techniques, not only as flute player, but as composer. Can be mentioned especially a technique called multiphony, when on the instrument can be heard 2 or 3 voices simultaneously. This sounds very different then the normal flute sound, seems to be like flageolets, but a good ear can hear the different voices very well. In Gergő's pieces can be found many witty ideas, many times on the edge of possibilities of the instrument: sometimes can be discovered even polyphony-like material on a monophnic instrument!

I just have began to get acquainted with this fantastic new possibilities: in the II. movement, orchestrated only for flute and harp, can be found some multifonies, which match good the ethereal character of this lyrical piece.

The other two movements are a bit different from the normal flute material: both contain breezy-angry d-minor music (especially the last movement). An interesting thing: the cadenza of the first movement was written by the soloist, Gergely Ittzés himself, so, of course, we'll get many interesting innovations of flute technique.

On the world premiere of the work, organized in Győr, Richter Hall, Gergely was accompanied by the other commissioner of the piece, the outstanding Győr Philharmony Orchestra, conducted by the wonderful, Grammy-nominee conductor, Alastair Willis (USA). 

I. movement:

II. movement:

III. movement: