A whole evening with my works in Pesti Vigadó, Budapest

Poster of the concert

Once in three years I usually think to organize a new concert from my works.

Also this time – plus, from January, I am working as composer in residence at Budafok Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra, so this ensemble will be the host of this concert. I am extremely happy because of this, and very thoughtful too: how should I choose well from the new works born in last years? Such a concert is exciting only when it is versatile, if it can show the composer from many sides, if the works are varied, however, from the program could be seen an organic compositional path on which the composer in last years can march.

it is a tradition in my concerts to open them with a selection from my new choral works. My love since 20 years, the choral music is maybe the most important part of my compositional activity. Every year I compose 6-8 new choral pieces, so I desire to show a couple of them to the audience. With Dénes Szabó and Pro Musica Girls' Choir I have a very friendly relationship: they are the commissioners and first performers of many new pieces; now, they will be the performers of those 8 pieces for female choir, which will open this evening.

The other pivot of the evening: the concerti, which are represented by two members.

The first performance of Flute Concerto was been in february, this year, in Győr, Hungary. It was commissioned by flautist Ittzés Gergely and Győr Philharmonic Orchestra. We've spoken about the new Concerto together with Gergely since 4-5 years. In its form traditional work with three movements has however a very important feature: the use of some modern flute playing techniques, of which greatest expert is Gergely maybe in the whole world. I was not familiar with multifonies (simultaneously playing of 2 or more voices), but with the help of Gergely (who has himself written the Cadenza of the first movement) I succeded!

The Piano Concerto (written for József Balog and Duna Symphony Orchestra) has its first performance in December 2011. Its style is quite more atonal, more scratchy like my choral works of other symphonic works because of juvenile influence of great Hungarian composer Béla Bartók, mainly two pieces of him: I. Piano concerto and Piano Sonata. The base of this neo-barbaric, rhythm-oriented musical world, Hungarian folk music, is the ground of my Piano concerto too. After a monumental 1st movement and lyrical, accordic 2nd movement could be heard a crazily running III. part, which ending is, however, quite unexpected...

The conclusion of the concert: first 4 movements of The Master and Margarita, an opera-musical based on the novel of M. A. Bulgakov, with the text of Szabolcs Várady. Yes, the genre of this two and half hour long piece is quite strange, I could say, this is 'bit experimental: half contemporary opera, half musical or rock opera. The part of the orchestra is also a rock band. The rock or musical-intonation could be found in various places of the work, often in a movement changes the style several times. The opening 20 minutes of the opera takes place in Moscow, 1930s: the Master, a young writer, because of his seditionary novel Pilate is fired out from the Soviet Writers' Society – however, he is not member of this organization...

The concert from my works takes place Sunday, September 23, 2018, 7:30 PM, Pesti Vigadó, Budapest. Performers: Péter Balczó, Orsolya Sáfár, András Hábetler, László Kálmán – singing, Gergely ittzés – flute, József Balog – piano, Budapest Academic Choral Society, Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gábor Hollerung.

Tickets can be purchased to the concert here. The trailer film concerning the concert here.