Music weekly

Sinfonia concertante III. tétel 9'37"

Perf. by: Amadinda Perc. Group, Pannon Philh. Orch., cond. by Tibor Bogányi


"The entire piece is characterised by an uninterrupted, rich invention, a brilliant composing technique in terms of both form and scoring, and an obvious “audience-friendly” tone. All of this, consequently, almost predestines the piece for a popularity unusual in the case of contemporary music. This was also supported by the enthusiastic welcome of the premiere.”


The Japanese tour has come to an end

At the foot of Fuji

Amazing Japan! For how long I had been wishing to finally get there!

A country where the tiniest piece of life can be lifted to an artistic level! A country where the battle to get into the overcrowded underground is fought with courtesy and some reservation! A country where present and past are linked in the most exciting way! A country that works.

Between the 3rd and 14th December, 2015, I gave eight lectures and rehearsed my choir pieces with eleven choirs, three of which being especially first rank.