New string orchestra piece dedicated to Erdődy Chamber Orchestra

Beginning of Divertimento 3

March 28, 2008: first performance of my new St Luke Passion.

I have a long relationship with Zsolt Szefcsik and his Erdődy Chamber Orchestra. To them belongs the start of continuo playing, a very important section of my life, some time about 1996 or 1997. I played with them on quite a few concerts, which thing served as ground to my career in Orfeo Orchestra.

Then I get a commission from them to a new oratorical work, which commission was ideal for me to realize an old plan: composing a passion. This new work, St Luke Passion, was performed in Matthias Church, Budapest, with superb singers as well as the Purcell Choir and Erdődy Chamber Orchestra, conducted by my friend György Vashegyi. This is a 90 minutes long work consisting three parts, which, in spite of its correlatively small ensemble (11 instrumental players, 6 singers, choir), can have the effect of monumentality. As an interesting experiment, the citations from the Gospel has been recitated by a tenor singer – without any accompanying instrument.

Now, to their commission, is ready Divertimento 3, a 17 minutes long string orchestra piece consisting three movements. In spite of his title promising easy, amusive music, the two quick movements, the I. and the III. have quite gloomy character. The fever pitch menace of the 1st movement (Allegro minaccioso) can dissolve the lyricism of the middle movement (Largo con tenerezza), just to be concluded by whirlwind fast, stormy last movement (Prestissimo).

First performance of the new work will happen in Festival Theatre of Palace of Arts, Budapest, on November 13, 2019.