New choral piece for The King's Singers

The King's Singers

One day before my 43th birthday is my most important choral work (the 71th) finished.

Its title is Veni Iesu, veni amor (Come Jesus, come, my love). The text is taken from a Hungarian catholic songbook, released in 1797, and so far I know, it is a unic Hungarian speciality.

A hymn, in which, so characteristic in whole passionate baroque era, the divine and human love is interweaved. A confession of love to Jesus? Yes, the Catholic church exactly with this idea won the war of religion: against the moderate, puritan spirituality of the protestantism it brings into prominence the zelaous religious ecstasy. It tries to sublime the passionate human emotions toward the divine. And this thinking is a great base material for a lyrical pice of music...

And the performers? Jewels of the ancient english choirschool tradition, masters of chamber singing, synonyms of crystal clear, high-expressive and ethereal singing: The King's Singers.

The first performance will be taken in the last concert of Café Budapest Contemporary Music Festival, in Palace of Arts Budapest.