Pop music, orchestration

The full list of works can be downloaded here in PDF.

to Nikoletta Gutlébeth

recording by Péter Erdélyi

to Ágnes Kovács

Recording: József Reményi

recording: Tom-Tom Studios

recorded by Péter Erdélyi

from the material was made an orchestral suite

written together with Péter Erdélyi

Official music of the Fireworks of the New Year's Eve, Budapest 2001

commissioned by Mihály Lantos

Recording: Péter Erdélyi

to Nikoletta Gutlébeth

recording: Péter Erdélyi

commissioned by György Vashegyi, to the „Toujours Mozart”-Festival, Vienna-Salzburg

to my wife Nikoletta Gutlébeth, to our 10th marriage anniversary

recording: Péter Erdélyi, Piliscsaba, Hungary