End of 2016: big composition dumping

I would go title page

Nobody said the the life of a composer is easy.

The following works should be ended still this year:

I would go if I could – for Hungarian folk instruments and orchestra. The work was commissioned by András Keller, musical director of Concerto Budapest to their concert together with Hungarian folk ensemble Muzsikás (20 minutes);

In te, Domine, speravi for flute, violoncello, piano and girl's choir. For 70th birthday of world-famous choir conductor Dénes Szabó. It will be performed by István Matúz – flute, Csaba Onczay – violoncello, László Baranyay – piano, and my kind constant creative partner, the Pro Musica Girl's Choir from Nyíregyháza, conducted by Dénes Szabó. All four performers will celebrate recently their 70. birthday (15 minutes);

Iubilate Domino and Super flumina Babylonis2 choir pieces for Japanese female choirs (6 minutes);

and the last movement of my musical-opera The Master and Margarita (10 minutes).

50 minutes of music. Not even the craziest workoholic composer is able to overcoom this flood of sounds in one month – and yes, the moment came when I realized that the task is impossible.

What could I do?

I made an order to compose the pieces. The orchestral piece, I would go is ready, but we (me and my family) suffered terrible blood sacrifice, our Christmas totally destroyed. We defeated in viewpoint of problem solving as well as spiritual preparation. The lesson is simple: you cannot do too many things simultaneously.

Well, I am sitting here with the first piece ready, me and my family totally squeezed out, in ruins. Was it worth while?

The question is absolutely bad. I had no choice.

In the last days of the year follows the next attack: two new choir pieces to Japan.

Please jitter for me.