The World Choir Games in Sochi begins in few days

Work as a jury member

In general, it is a very funny thing to work as a jury member on a choir competition: in summer, in beautiful cities, in festival mood, in company of very large number of choir singers (up to 10.000.), the worthy jury member can hear beautiful choir music.

And, if he is a composer, he can get a full overview about the actual situation of the contemporary choir music: which composers's works are sung by everybody, who are rising and who are descending. This is a very good market, the only one in contemporary music that can work according the rules of a real market.

So I am expecting two fantastic weeks on the 9. World Choir Games, organized by Interkultur in Sochi, Russia, situated in the east corner of Black Sea, location of the WInter Olympic Games 2014.

If the intensive program allows, I will send short reports from Sochi, which can be seen in the Video Blog.