Three new choir pieces written

Ave verum corpus

Three new choir pieces are written in the last one-month period. This three pieces this time (differently from the couple Dominus Iesus in qua nocte and Regina cœli) cannot be sung like a cycle – we're talking about very different works.

The first piece is a redult of a wide-range champing: Laudate pueri Dominum is commissioned by not less than 11 choirs from the USA. The starting point of the commission is Kathleen Rodde, professor of Iowa State University – our cooperation has already big and very successful tradition: Iubilate Deo, written for her, succeeded to be after her recommendation compulsory work on Texas All-State Convention, and it was sold in 10.000. exemplars! This actual work is a quick, virtuose piece, in which are playing big role a wide variety of "body hits": clapping, stamping and so on.

The second piece is made for Nóra Keresztes and her Cappella Quinqueecclesiensis, Pécs (I cannot understand, why I always have so much difficulties with the pronuntiation or writing the name of this choir...) Ave verum corpus is slow-motion, lyrical, elated work for mixed choir, which with his D-major tonality refers to Mozart's famous motet.

The third work uses a text, which I always desired to compose: O magnum mysterium. In this beautiful text the mystery is the key, and I tried to transfer in music with a technique which is not so common is my other pieces: the work starts with a longer part which uses only the male section of the choir, in very low position. When later the female section enters, begins an interesting dialogue between men and women, which brings reminiscence of double-choir technique. The commissioner of this piece is actually a secret, because it was written in confidence for the birthday of a very important Hungarian choir personality...