Choir festival in Fundão, Portugal



Taking a sudden opportunity, few weeks ago I made a trip to Portugal, for the first time in my life. I worked as jury member at an international choir competition, organized in Fundão

Fundão is located not far from national border with Spain, to north-east from Lisbon. This small city is the home place of composer and conductor Luis Cipriano, who visiting more prestigious choir festivals in the world, felt as duty to found a new festival in his own city, helping with this the development of choral life in Portugal. Of course it's about a quite tiny festival, with altogether 12 choirs and a jury including only 3 members: beside of already mentioned Luis Cipriano the renowned Israeli choir conductor Yuval Ben-Ozer, and myself, the not so old-fashioned choir expert... We had the task to listen to the competition program of choirs coming from very different parts of the world, after which competition the audience could seen a quite unwaited result...

...You can find out more from this result here.